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Possessed Woman Starts Screaming And Climbing Over Seats On A Frontier Airlines Flight

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This Chinese Startup Just Landed a Rocket Vertically

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China's Behaviour is Getting Super Irresponsible!

First Flight Of The U.S. Military's B-21 Raider Strategic Bomber.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian Slams United's 'Complicated' New Airplane Boarding Process

Delta CEO Ed Bastian slams United's 'complicated' new airplane boarding process: 'Just boarding people' is fastest 

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian has hit out at rival United Airlines' new policy of boarding window-seat passengers first - and says his own company has no plans to do the same. In an interview with Today, Bastian said his airline will not be copying United's new plan to let economy passengers with window seats board before middle and aisle seats anytime soon. 'We have found that actually just boarding people and getting people moving through the plane is the fastest. Every time you add another feature, it gets more complicated,' the CEO said. He said Delta has tried 'every which way to board customers,' but if United does 'crack that nut better, we'll certainly copy them.' United Airlines new seating plan, which went into effect on October 26, is called WILMA, which stands for window-middle-aisle. It is intended to cut two minutes on the boarding process for each flight. It means that aisle seat passengers board last - potentially leaving them with no room to stow their overhead luggage. Economy passengers with window seats will board in Group 3, followed by passengers with middle seats in Group 4 and passengers in aisle seats in Group 5, according to a company memo. First-class and business-class passengers will experience no change in their boarding process and pre-boarding through Group 3 will also remain the same Airlines are about to head into a busy season, Deloitte's 2023 holiday survey found that 48 percent of Americans plan to travel during the holidays. 'I expect our fourth quarter to be a record for the company both in revenues as well as in demand,' Bastian told Yahoo Finance Live. In 2022, the airline estimated they carried nearly 6 million customers from Nov. 18-29, averaging close to 500,000 customers per day. Delta sparked a major backlash in September when it announced plans to cap the number of entries to its lounges and tighten the qualifying criteria for customers to earn frequent flyer status. Bastian admitted the airline went 'too far' with its SkyMiles changes and said they will adjust. 'There will be modifications that we will make, and you will hear about it sometime over the next few weeks,' Bastian said. After a year of flight delays and cancellations and plane collision near misses, the Department of Transportation admitted complaints are nearly double what they were a year ago. Source

Frank Borman Dead: Apollo 8 Astronaut

Frank Borman dead: Astronaut who commanded Apollo 8 has passed away at age 95 - decades after leading first manned mission to orbit the moon and return safely to Earth

Astronaut Frank Borman, who commanded Apollo 8's historic Christmas 1968 flight that circled the moon 10 times and paved the way for the lunar landing the next year, has died. He was 95. Borman died Tuesday in Billings, Montana, according to NASA. He also led troubled Eastern Airlines in the 1970s and early '80s after leaving the astronaut corps. But he was best known for his NASA duties. He and his crew, James Lovell and William Anders, were the first Apollo mission to fly to the moon - and to see Earth as a distant sphere in space. 'Today we remember one of NASA´s best. Astronaut Frank Borman was a true American hero,' NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement Thursday. 'His lifelong love for aviation and exploration was only surpassed by his love for his wife Susan.' Launched from Florida´s Cape Canaveral on December 21, 1968, the Apollo 8 trio spent three days traveling to the moon, and slipped into lunar orbit on Christmas Eve. After they circled 10 times on December 24-25, they headed home on December 27. On Christmas Eve, the astronauts read from the Book of Genesis in a live telecast from the orbiter: 'In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.' Borman ended the broadcast with, 'And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas, and God bless all of you - all of you on the good Earth.' Source

Smoke Of Satan On Board: Frontier Airlines Plane Is Evacuated On San Antonio Airport Tarmac

Frontier Airlines plane is evacuated on San Antonio Airport tarmac after several crew members reported feeling sick due to fumes 
Crew members on a Frontier Airlines flight reported feeling nauseous because of a mysterious 'foul' odor on the plane. Hazmat crews were sent to San Antonio International Airport in Texas after flight attendants reportedly became nauseous after noticing a 'fume-like odor'. Flight 990 was heading to San Antonio from Denver when fight attendants working in the back of the aircraft noticed a foul odor that smelled like fumes and alerted the captain. The crew members felt sick due to the odor - but passengers weren't reported to have been affected by the worrying smell. Hazmat crews cleared the scene at San Antonio's airport - but it's unclear where the fumes were coming from. During Flight 990 Thursday from Denver to San Antonio, flight attendants working in the back of the aircraft noticed a fume-like odor and advised the captain,' Frontier Airlines said in a statement posted by Gene De La Cruz on X (formerly known as Twitter). 'The odor was concentrated in the back of the aircraft and no passengers reported being affected,' the statement said. The San Antonio Fire Department confirmed that the hazmat crew cleared the scene, but didn't share any further information. A similar fume-related incident happened in October on a British Airways flight from Barcelona to Heathrow. British Airways cabin crew were seen putting on hazmat suits after four passengers fell ill from unknown 'fumes' on the flight. Passengers were evacuated from the plane arriving from Barcelona at around 4.15pm and emergency services were seen rushing to Terminal 5, with those unwell being treated and discharged at the scene. Footage posted online shows a number of fire engines and police cars on the runway at Terminal 5 while dozens of other passengers wait outside the plane. One passenger tweeted 'major police operation at Heathrow T5 tonight' while another said: 'Nothing like being locked on a plane with a 'potential contagion' for an hour and half with no explanation or information.' Source