Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Snake On A Plane! Chaos Erupts In Business Class As Garter Snake Slithers Into Economy Amid Screams

Snake on a plane! Chaos erupts in business class as garter snake slithers into economy amid screams after United Airlines flight landed at Newark 
Screaming passengers onboard a United Airlines flight to Newark Airport were left in shock on Monday after a garter snake slithered underneath their seats. The unexpected appearance of the live reptile caused some turbulence among business-class flyers at the end of their journey from Florida to New Jersey. The United Airlines flight 2038 had just arrived at Newark after a two-hour flight from Tampa International when the reptile was suddenly spotted snaking through the seats onboard. The scaly creature was found just as passengers were about to exit the aircraft at their destination - and they quickly alerted staff on the flight. Police met the plane at its gate early Monday afternoon and removed the garter snake, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.Passengers in business class started shrieking and pulling their feet up when the saw the creature slithering underneath their seats, witnesses said. The reptile quickly traveled to economy class before being removed from the flight. It was then later released into the wild, Port Authority spokesperson Cheryl Ann Albiez said. Garter snakes are not thought to be venomous to humans, and are often found in people's fields and backyards. The generally harmless reptiles can grow to be as long as 50 inches - and are usually spotted in North America living in woodlands, forests, fields, and wetlands. Source

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