Thursday, August 18, 2022

Both Pilots Of An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 Fell Alseep In Flight

Both pilots of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 fell alseep in flight 
Both pilots of an Ethiopian Airlines feel alseep in flight and were woke up by the autopilot disconnecting. According to The Aviation Herald, the pilots of Ethiopian Airlines flight #ET343 from Khartoum to Addis Ababa fell alseep in flight. On August 15,2022, the Boeing Boeing 737-800 (reg ET-AOB) was at 37,000 ft at FL370 when it was supposed to start the descent to Addis Ababa Bole Airport. The Air Traffic Control tried to contact the crew several times without success. When the autopilot disocnnected, the alarm woke up the pilots who reacted and finally landed the plane on runway 25L about 25 minutes later. In this case, it looks the flight management system was set up for an approach to the airport… without descending. The consequences could have been well worse if it was not the case. Source

Multiple People Have Died After Two Planes Collided Over Watsonville, California

Multiple dead as two small planes smash into each other in mid air before one plummets into field and other crashes through hangar in California 

Multiple people have died after two planes collided over Watsonville, California, on Thursday afternoon. The Federal Aviation Administration reported that a single-engine Cessna 152 and a twin-engine Cessna 340 crashed into each other while the pilots were attempting to land at the Watsonville Municipal Airport at around 3 p.m. One of the planes plummeted into an adjacent field while the other slammed into a hangar. The single-engine plane had one person on board and the other had two people on board, city officials said, confirming multiple fatalities. There were no injuries reported to anyone on the ground at the time of the crash. The investigation over the crash is being led by the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board, which are being assisted by Watsonville police and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office. Officials are expected to give a briefing about the incident at 6 p.m. PST. This is a developing story. Source

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Muslim Woman Strips To Underwear, Tries To Storm Plane Cockpit Shouting 'Allahu Akbar'...

A hero-father-of-three restrained a woman who stripped to her underwear and ran through a Manchester-bound plane naked before trying to storm the cockpit twice while shouting 'Allahu Akbar'. Phillip O'Brien, 35, was a passenger on the Jet2 flight from Lanarca, Cyprus to Manchester on Tuesday 9 August when a woman, in her 30s, caused the panicked scene shortly after take-off. The woman seemed to suggest she had explosives on board with her, and also asked the children she was with if they were 'ready to die'. She also told the terrified passengers and staff that her parents were members of terror group ISIS. Mr O'Brien, a drainage firm boss, was on board six of his family members, including his wife and three children aged eight to 14.He said everyone was 'sh*****g themselves', but while watching the scene unfold, he asked staff why no one was putting her to the floor before putting himself forward to help. The 35-year-old, who worked in security as a teenager, told The Mirror: 'Everything was normal and then shortly after take-off a woman walked up the aisle naked and banged on the cockpit door shouting "Allahu Akbar".  Source

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Small Plane Lands On California Freeway And Bursts Into flames

Small plane lands on California freeway and bursts into flames 

A small plane crashed on a Southern California freeway in Riverside County, 50 miles east of Los Angeles, Tuesday afternoon, striking a car and bursting into flames. The pilot and the passenger both survived, the California Highway Patrol said. The plane landed on eastbound Highway 91 at Lincoln Avenue in Corona at about 12:30 p.m., according to CHP logs. The plane hit a truck carrying three people, KTLA reported.Caltrans said three right lanes were blocked Source

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Billionaires, Hollywood Celebrities Join Call To End Public Plane Tracking After ‘Climate Criminal’ Backlash

Billionaires, Hollywood Celebrities Join Call to End Public Plane Tracking After ‘Climate Criminal’ Backlash 

Billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, and climate activists share fame, fortune, and a profile they work hard to control. All of which is why so many are calling on a public company not to track their flights and expose their carbon footprints. AFP reports flight-following websites and Twitter accounts that offer real-time views of air traffic are on the end of regular pushback ranging from complaints to gear seizures by those who would rather their movements are not in the public domain. One U.S.-based group alone gets dozens of “requests” each year to stop posting aircraft flight movements, according to its organiser, Dan Streufert. “We have not removed anything so far. This is all public information. And I don’t want to be the arbiter of who’s right and who’s wrong,” added Streufert, founder of flight tracking site ADS-B Exchange which can track any flight from a private individual to a politician, star, activist or member of Royalty. The AFP report sets out limits do apply in some cases, but groups that piece together the flight paths note the core information source is legally available and open to anyone with the right gear to take it fully into the public domain. Under U.S. rules, planes in designated areas are required to be equipped with ADS-B technology that broadcasts aircraft positions using signals that relatively simple equipment can pick up. It outlines what happens next: A service like Sweden-based Flightradar24 has 34,000, mostly volunteer-operated receivers around the world to pick up the signals, a key source of information that’s routed back to a central network and combined with data on flight schedules and aircraft information. Figuring out or confirming to whom a plane actually belongs can require some sleuthing, said jet tracker Jack Sweeney, who filed a public records request with the US government that yielded a form bearing the signature of a particular plane’s owner: Tesla boss Elon Musk. Sweeney has drawn attention with his Twitter account that tracks the movements of the billionaire’s plane and even rejected Musk’s offer of $5,000 to shut down @ElonJet, which has over 480,000 followers. Source

Thirtieth Summer Explosion: Another Explosion And Fire Near Heathrow Airport....

'Ash rained and windows shattered' Massive plume of smoke rises near Heathrow Airport 

PLUMES of smoke from a huge fire on a residential street Feltham, west London, are capturing the attention of passengers who are coming in to land at Heathrow Airport.Around 70 firefighters from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) have been drafted in to tackle the ravaging flames on Hereford Road in Feltham this afternoon. Smoke has billowed into the sky and has been seen by passengers on planes landing at Heathrow. Plumes have also been sighted in Slough, some 11.4 miles away. London Fire Brigade has confirmed 60 people have been evacuated from their homes. Source