Saturday, July 16, 2022

British Airways Is Asking Passengers If They Can Cancel Their Trips Amid Airline Chaos

British Airways is asking passengers if they can cancel their trips amid airline chaos 
British Airways asked travellers to consider postponing their summer holidays yesterday as the airline struggle to deal with demand. The UK’s flag carrier contacted passengers set to fly before July 25 asking them if they’d reschedule their flights free of charge. It asked passengers travelling in the next fortnight if they would like to reschedule their flights for free, and that they could change their trip to another BA-operated flight within the next 12 months, subject to availability. A spokesperson for the airline said it hoped the policy would reassure customers and provide them with extra flexibility. Mr Charles said: “I said it would be a summer of stress. BA now asking those travelling before July 25 to consider changing flights, so enabling them to more easily choose which flights to cancel at short notice.” The airline, which laid off around 10,000 staff due to the pandemic, has been ravaged by cancellations and delays this summer as it struggles to get flights in the air and services running on time amid serious staff shortages. Source

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