Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Air France Boeing 777 Flight From New York's JFK To Paris Is Forced To Abort Landing As Plane Became Unresponsive To Pilot Commands

Terrifying moment Air France Boeing 777 flight from New York's JFK to Paris is forced to abort landing as plane became 'unresponsive to pilot commands' as it approached landing 

Disturbing radio traffic has revealed a potentially serious issue on an Air France flight from New York to Paris, with pilots heard struggling to get the plane's controls to respond. Air France Flight 11, a Boeing 777, was able to land safely at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Tuesday morning after moments of tense panic in the cockpit, which were captured in radio recordings shared by industry news site AirLive. An Air France spokesman confirmed to that a 'technical incident' had forced the pilots to abort their landing sequence and perform a go-around before landing the plane normally. In recordings of radio traffic, cockpit alarms are heard blaring as the pilot groans and seems to struggle with the plane's controls, telling the tower: 'I'll call you back!' Air traffic controllers noted that the plane was deviating to its left. The plane managed to go-around at just 1,200 feet as ground control halted all departures. 'We went around following an issue with commands. The airplane didn't respond,' the pilot explained after the crisis abated. 'We are ready to resume final approach with radar guidance. Please give us time to manage the situation, then guide us with tailwind,' the pilot continued.The plane managed to regain altitude to 4,000 feet and then make a safe landing on runway 27R. 'Air France confirms that the crew of flight AF011 on 4 April 2022 from New York JFK to Paris-CDG aborted their landing sequence and performed a go-around due to a technical incident during the approach,' a spokesman for the airline told in a statement. 'The crew mastered the situation and landed the aircraft normally after a second approach,' the statement added. Source

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