Sunday, October 3, 2021

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Spirit Airlines Jet Engine Erupts In Flames

Spirit Airlines jet engine erupts in flames after hitting a large bird during take off from Atlantic City forcing passengers to evacuate using slides

Passengers on a plane in New Jersey screamed with fear as an engine on the aircraft erupted in flames just as it was hurtling down the runway. The Fort Lauderdale-bound plane was forced to abort its takeoff from Atlantic City after a bird strike appeared to damage the right hand engine causing flammable fuel to leak out onto the tarmac. Those traveling could only watch on in horror and flames spewed from the rear of the engine while they waited for instructions from the crew as to what to do next. People sitting by the windows could be heard screaming 'fire!' as panic quickly spread throughout the cabin.All-the-while, the crew of the Spirit Airlines jet remained calm as they told passengers to stay in their seats. 'Remain seated! Remain seated! Remain seated!' the crew begged. 'Holy s***!' yelled one woman. 'Open this door and let us out now! C'mon,' said another and they jumped out of their seats. Very few appeared to listen with footage shot inside the cabin showing people reaching up into the overhead bins to retrieve their luggage prior to getting off the plane. Source 

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