Tuesday, May 18, 2021

SPACE FANTASY #92: Nüwa Seeks To Become First Sustainable City On Mars With 1 Million Residents

Face That Crashed A Thousand Spaceships.....

Nüwa?...make sure you pronounced it correctly...because that's gonna be your home ...LOL!

Nüwa seeks to become first sustainable city on Mars with 1 million residents 

Aerospace engineer Gisela Detrell, who helped design the Martian city, discusses what a city like Nüwa can offer residents by relying solely on Mars resources.Elon Musk plans to have a city on Mars by 2050. But that's a little easier said than done. Human survival on another planet, especially one as environmentally hostile as Mars, depends on finding solutions to four key factors: infrastructure, sustainability, shelter and life support, according to Gisela Detrell, an aerospace engineer at Germany's University of Stuttgart. "There are several issues that we have to face on Mars," Detrell said, "from radiation to providing all the food and oxygen that the people living there would need -- but also looking at how to use the resources on Mars, starting from where would our city be located or which different locations we could have." Source

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