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United Airlines Passenger Matthew Dingley, 28, Storms Cockpit...Possessed At 35,000ft....

United Airlines passenger 'tries to storm cockpit and attacks flight attendant as plane was landing at New Jersey Airport before assaulting six cops on the tarmac'

A United Airlines passenger was arrested for allegedly trying to storm the flight's cockpit door and brutally attacking a flight attendant while the pilot was preparing to land in New Jersey. Matthew Dingley, 28, was on a United Express flight from Dulles International Airport on January 9 that was about to touch down at the Newark Liberty International Airport when he started behaving erratically. According to passenger, Mike Egbert, Dingley ran to the cockpit and started hitting the door. 'This guy was in a full sprint, right up to the cockpit, hits the cockpit, starts banging on it,' Egbert told NBC New York. While the man was allegedly banging on the door, on of the pilots announced over the intercom: 'Alright 4965, just for your advise, we have an unruly passenger in the back. 'We'll monitor the situation, let you know if anything changes.' Egbert said Dingley then attacked a female flight attendant when she stepped in to try and calm him down. 'A slight woman, petite, and this guy was clocking her,' Egbert told the news outlet. Source


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