Thursday, January 30, 2020

EVIL PORTENT FOR CALIFORNIA? Space Debris Lights Up Sky In Southern California....

'I thought it was the end of the world!' Space debris lights up sky in Southern California and sparks alarm among some 

 More than 60 people reported seeing 'a meteor' flash through the sky on Wednesday evening in a fireball so bright it was described as 'the end of the world'. According to the American Meteor Society, the bright streak was more likely caused by the burn-up of space debris than by a meteor but the object has not yet been identified. A event was reported by residents around Los Angeles and San Diego, many taking to social media to share the phenomenon. More than 60 people reported to the American Meteor Society that they had seen a bright flame streaming across the sky and breaking up into separate fireballs. The event was first spotted around 10.30 pm PST.  Source

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