Monday, December 2, 2019

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Three Killed In Piper PA-24 Cherokee Crash Near San Antonio

Three people are killed as their plane narrowly misses apartment complex and crashes into commercial district as pilot attempts to make emergency landing

Three people died when their single-engine plane made an emergency landing in a residential neighborhood near the airport in San Antonio Texas Sunday, authorities said.  There were no other injuries or property damage when the  white Piper PA-24 Cherokee came down about 6:30pm, first responders at the scene said.  Identities of two men and a woman who killed in the crash have not yet been released. Authorities did not immediately respond when reached out for an update. The Federal Aviation Administration says it sent investigators to the crash site and that the National Transportation Safety Board will lead the investigation. The plane had left  had taken off from Sugar Land, southwest of Houston, and was headed to Boerne when it experienced engine trouble and diverted to San Antonio, says San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood. Source

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