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Cardinal Bellarmine: MAOZIM Is Antichrist's Secret Space Station Orbiting In The Habitat Of Demons

But he shall worship the god Maozim in his place: and a god whom his fathers knew not, he shall worship with gold, and silver, and precious stones, and things of great price. And he shall do this to fortify Maozim with a strange god, whom he hath acknowledged, and he shall increase glory and shall give them power over many, and shall divide the land gratis. Dan.xi. Cardinal Robert Bellarmine says that Maozim means high tower. And this high tower is hidden and in a secret location. The Antichrist will use this secret and hidden tower in order to Worship Satan How can a tower be hidden on earth and not accessible to to others? It can't. High Tower can refer to a space station or platform orbiting in lower earth orbit. God Maozim is Satan His Place? Is the lower Atmosphere or the Habitat of Demons. And this is where the Antichrist  shall worship the god Maozim in his place - in the Habitat of demons or in the Thermosphere Read where Demons reside:

Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Returned To LAX After Flames Were Seen From Right Engine

BREAKING Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER returned to LAX after flames were seen from right engine Philippine Airlines #PR113 to Manila returned to Los Angeles after flames were seen from right engine. The Boeing 777-300ER (reg. RP-C7775) suffered a failure (compressor stall) on right engine. The crew immediately declared a mayday and requested return to LAX after takeoff. The aircraft landed runway 25L and was met by emergency services. Due to the weight of the Boeing 777 (full tanks), all tires of the main gear exploded. No injuries were reported. Source

SMOKE OF SATAN ON BOARD: Plane Carrying Hillary Clinton Grounded! The Pilot 'Felt The Aircraft Shake And Saw SMOKE'

Plane carrying Hillary Clinton is grounded and returns to its gate before take-off at LaGuardia Airport after the pilot 'felt the aircraft shake and saw smoke' A plane with Hillary Clinton on board was grounded before take off in New York after the pilot 'felt the aircraft shake and saw smoke'. The American Airlines aircraft was returned to its gate at LaGuardia Airport yesterday afternoon for the unknown mechanical problem. Just before the flight, which was heading to Washington DC's Reagan Airport, was about to take off the pilot noticed the plane shake and saw some smoke, according to CNN. A law enforcement source confirmed to the network that the former secretary of state was on board the grounded craftThe flight's pilots first reported to ground staff a potential mechanical issue at around 3.15pm and metal debris was later discovered where the plane had been.. Source

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Jonathan Goldstein, 50, Hannah Goldstein, 36, And Daughter Die In Plane Crash In The Swiss Alps....

Sister is tormented over mystery of composer's death in Swiss Alps plane crash that also killed his saxophonist wife and their seven-month-old daughter A sister has revealed her constant torment over the death of her brother in a mysterious plane crash in the Swiss Alps.   Roz Goldstein's brother, his saxophonist wife and their seven-month-old daughter all died in the August crash.   The couple, Jonathan, 50, and Hannah, 36, were avid aviators and Ms Goldstein claims they were 'incredibly diligent' when it came to flight safety.  Mr Goldstein, an award-winning composer, got his private pilot's licence eight years ago and would spend the majority of his weekends flying over the UK and Europe in a single-engine Piper PA-28 Cherokee Arrow.   He and his family had been on holiday before the plunged 6,500 feet in the crash over the Simplon Pass on their journey from Switzerland to Italy.     His sister, Ms Goldstein, 55, has spoken out for the first time since the

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Baby Dies On Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 35 Flying In The Habitat Of Demons....

A 2-year-old toddler pronounced dead after Saudi Boeing 777 makes emergency landing in St. John’s Police has confirmed there was a sudden death of a young child on an international flight, which prompted an emergency medical landing in St. John’s International Airport on Tuesday. Police and paramedics were dispatched to the airport where Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 35 had landed, shortly before noon. The RNC confirmed a two-year-old died. The death is not believed to be suspicious.  The Saudi Boeing 777 departed from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and was heading to Washington, D.C. Source Read where Demons reside: Article 4. Whether our atmosphere is the demons' place of punishment? Objection 1. It would seem that this atmosphere is not the demons' place of punishment. For a demon is a spiritual nature. But a spiritual nature is not affected by place. Therefore there is no place of punishment for demons. Objection 2 . Further, man's sin is not gr

Our Lady Of Loreto Is The Patroness Of St Thomas Aquinas Versus NASA Blog NOVEMBER 2019

Pope St. John XXIII made a pilgrimage to the Holy House on October 4, 1962 to pray the day before the opening of Vatican Council II, to ask the Blessed Virgin's protection of the Council. Pope Benedict made the same pilgrimage 50 years later on October 4, 2012. Source 148 days after his visit to the Flying House Pope Benedict resigned. Our Lady of Loreto is the Patroness of Aviation? What? No, She is not.  The Flying House of Our Lady would NEVER violate the law of God! The Flying House NEVER flew above 29,050ft, but modern day aircraft violate this boundary 24/7. Many Catholics are ignorant of the boundary that God has established that man must not pass over and that is 29,050 ft or 15 cubits above the mountain tops. This 29,050 boundary is the same level that the waters of the Deluge reached in the time of Noe cleansing the world of sin. This boundary is the same that the fires of the final conflagration will reach at the end of days to cleanse t

St. Francis Borgia LITANY Of The Attributes Of God Taken From The Prima Pars Of St. Thomas (qq. 1–26) NOVEMBER 2019

St. Francis Borgia LITANY of the attributes of God taken from the Prima Pars of St. Thomas (qq. 1–26) O highest God, whom no one save Thyself can perfectly know, have mercy on us. q. 1  a. 1 Thou, who art the subject of theology, have mercy on us. a. 7 Thou, who in Thyself art unknown to us, have mercy on us. q. 2  a. 1 Thou, whose existence as God is perfectly demonstrable, have mercy on us. a. 2 Thou, who art, have mercy on us. a. 3 O incorporeal God, have mercy on us. q. 3  aa.1,2 Thou, in whom is no composition of matter and form, have mercy on us. a. 5 Thou, who art Thy existence and Thy divinity, have mercy on us. a. 4 Thou, who art Thy existence and Thy essence, have mercy on us. a. 5 Thou, who art in no genus, have mercy on us. a. 6 Thou, in whom is no accident, have mercy on us. O God, wholly simple, have mercy on us. a. 7 Thou, who are commingled in composition with no others, have mercy on us. q. 4  a. 1 O perfect God, have mercy on us. a. 2 Thou, O

"You're Gonna Die Up There" NOVEMBER 2019