Monday, September 30, 2019

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Azur Air Boeing 767-300 Evacuated Due To Main Gear Fire On Landing

Azur Air Boeing 767-300 evacuated due to main gear fire on landing

Azur Air Boeing flight #ZF2244 experienced a gear fire on landing. Azur Air Boeing 767-300 (reg. VP-BUV) experienced a fire on right main gear after landing at Barnaul Airport in Russia. The flight #ZF2244 from Nha Trang (Vietnam) was evacuated on the taxiway via emergency slides.  341 people were on board, including 10 crew members. Emergency services responded and extinguished the fire. No injuries are being reported.  The airline has launched a probe into the incident in collaboration with the aviation authorities, the aircraft manufacturer and the airport. Source

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