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The Pope will be away for 7 DAYS!  7 DAYS!

7 DAYS! For some reason that seems like a LOT!

Maybe his trip will have to be cut short? I smell DOOM in the air.....

Stuck in an elevator....

Following up Mozambique DOOM Posts:


15 JULY 2019  

Wednesday, 4 September 2019
Mozambique (GMT +2): Rome-Maputo

- 8 AM: Departure from Rome’s Fiumicino airport

- 6:30 PM: Welcome ceremony upon arrival at Maputo airport

Thursday, 5 September
Mozambique: Maputo

- 9:45 AM: Courtesy visit to the president at the Palacio da Ponta Vermelha

- 10:15 AM: Meeting with authorities, leaders of civil society, and the diplomatic corps at the Palacio da Ponta Vermelha (Speech by the Pope)

- 11 AM: Interreligious meeting with young people at the Maxaquene Pavilion. (Speech by the Pope)

- Lunch at the Apostolic Nunciature

- 4:15 PM: Meeting with bishops, priests, religious, seminarians and catechists at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception (Speech by the Pope)

Friday, 6 September
Madagascar: Maputo-Antananarivo

- 8:45 AM: Visit to Zimpeto Hospital near Maputo (Greeting by the Pope)

- 10 AM: Mass in Zimpeto Stadium (Homily by the Pope)

- 12:25 PM: Farewell ceremony at Maputo airport

-12:40 PM: Departure from Maputo for Antananarivo, Madagascar

- 4:30 PM: Arrival ceremony at Antananarivo airport

Saturday, 7 September
Madagascar (GMT +3): Antananarivo

- 9:30 AM: Courtesy visit to the president in the Iavoloha Palace

- 10:15 AM: Meeting with government authorities, leaders of civil society, and the diplomatic corps in the Ceremony Building (Speech by the Pope)

- 11:15 AM: Recitation of midday prayer in the Discalced Carmelite monastery (Homily by the Pope)

Tuesday, 10 September
Madagascar: Antananarivo - Rome

- 9 AM: Farewell ceremony at the Antananarivo airport

- 9:20 AM: Departure for Rome

- 7 PM: Arrival at Rome’s Ciampino airport

- Lunch in the Apostolic Nunciature

- 4 PM: Meeting with the bishops of Madagascar in the Andohalo Cathedral (Speech by the Pope)

- 5:10 PM: Visit to the tomb of Blessed Victoire Rasoamanarivo.

- 6 PM: Vigil with young people at the Soamandrakizay diocesan field (Speech by the Pope)

Sunday, 8 September
Madagascar: Antananarivo

- 10 AM: Mass at the Soamandrakizay diocesan field (Homily by the Pope)

- Lunch with the papal entourage at the Nunciature

- 3:10 PM: Visit to the Akamasoa “Community of Good Friends” (Greeting by the Pope)

- 4 PM: Prayer for workers at the Mahatzana building site (Prayer by the Pope)

- 5:10 PM: Meeting with priests, religious, and seminarians in the College of St. Michael (Speech by the Pope)

Monday, 9 September
Madagascar: Antananarivo - Port Louis, Mauritius (GMT +4) - Antananarivo

- 7:30 AM: Departure by airplane for Port Louis

- 10:40 AM: Arrival ceremony at the Port Louis airport

- 12:15 PM: Mass at the monument to Mary, Queen of Peace (Homily by the Pope)

- Lunch with members of the Episcopal Conference of the Indian Ocean.

- 4:25 PM: Private visit to the Shrine of Blessed Jacques-Desire Laval, the “apostle of Mauritus”

- 4:55 PM: Courtesy visit with the president in the presidential palace

- 5:15 PM: Meeting with the prime minister in the presidential palace

- 5:40 PM: Meeting with government authorities, leaders of civil society, and the diplomatic corps in the presidential palace (Speech by the Pope)

- 6:45 PM: Farewell ceremony at the Port Louis airport

- 7 PM: Departure by airplane to Antananarivo

- 8 PM: Arrival at Antananarivo airport


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