Monday, July 1, 2019

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Electra Air Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Landing At Ben Gurion Airport

Passenger plane with 152 people on board makes emergency landing at Israel's main airport after problem with landing gear

A passenger plane carrying 152 people was forced to make an emergency landing in Israel after one of its wheels exploded during takeoff.   The Electra Air Boeing 737 circled over the Mediterranean as it prepared to come into land at Ben Gurion Airport - before eventually touching down at the busy transport hub.  The plane had earlier taken off from Cologne, Germany and landed at around 4.15pm local time. Hundreds of emergency service personnel gathered at the airport in preparation.   It reportedly landed with an empty fuel tank to minimise the risk of an explosion.   The Jerusalem Post said that the Israeli Air Force dispatched fighter jets to survey the damaged wheel and guide it into the airport.   The jets reported a tear on the left wheel of the plane. Source

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