Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"You're Gonna Die Up There" A body Fell From Kenya Airways Flight #KQ100 On Final Approach To London Heathrow

A body fell from Kenya Airways flight #KQ100 on final approach to London Heathrow

The man fell from a Kenya Airways plane at the end of a nine-hour flight #KQ100 from Nairobi. The gruesome discovery was made at a property in Offerton Road, Clapham, at around 3.40pm on Sunday and police have now launched an investigation.  It is believed the man fell from from the landing gear compartment of the plane shortly before the flight was due to land at Heathrow Airport. A bag, water and food were later found in the landing gear compartment by police.  In a statement, the Met confirmed: “Police believe the man was a stowaway and had fallen from the landing gear of an inbound Kenya Airways flight to Heathrow Airport.  Police were called at 3.39pm on Sunday, June 30, to a residential address in Offerton Road, Clapham, after the body was discovered in a garden. Source

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