Tuesday, June 11, 2019

SPACE FANTASY #78: Babies Born Today Will Witness The First Human Colony On Mars And Other Planets, Scientist Says

Babies born today will witness the first human colony on Mars and other planets, scientist says

Today's children could live to see human beings colonise Mars. That's the vision of one British scientist, who believes the red planet could become our second home within 100 years of space exploration. Lewis Dartnell, from the University Of Westminster, says relocation to the planets of the solar system is imminent as technology and medicine continue to advance. Together, they could mean babies born in 2019 are able to witness humanity spreading out into space.  In an in-depth interview with Jeff Parsons of the Metro, Dartnell said: 'In the next 100 years, it’s very feasible we will have a self-sustaining colony on the Moon or Mars. Source

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