Friday, May 31, 2019

SPACE DOOM! Elon Musk's Mega-Constellations Of Starlink Artificial Satellites Will Taint Our View Of The Night Sky, Warn Astronomers

One group of godless space nuts versus another group of godless space nuts.....

Elon Musk's mega-constellations of Starlink artificial satellites will taint our view of the night sky, warn astronomers

SpaceX's artificial constellation of broadband-providing satellites could increasingly spoil views of the night sky and hinder astronomy, experts say. Elon Musk's Starlink project recently placed 60 satellites in low-Earth orbit as they look to beam high-speed internet down to the the planet's surface. It soon became clear that the bright train of orbiting satellites were quite visible to the naked eye, as astronomers and space enthusiasts tracked the launch. The sight has provoked an outcry among the astronomy community, with the development seen as a new headache for researchers who already have to find workarounds to deal with objects cluttering their images of deep space. Source


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