Sunday, April 28, 2019

Space Fantasy #75: ATHEIST Steve Munt Starts GoFundMe To Send The Ashes Of His Orange Tabby Pikachu To SPACE.......

Please God.....please....send the DOOOOM! 

Former NASA employee who worked on the Hubble telescope reveals plan to send the ashes of his orange tabby Pikachu to SPACE for 'a final send-off like no cat has ever had before'

It'll be one small step for Pikachu, but one giant leap for felinekind. Pet owner Steve Munt decided there would be no better way to pay tribute to his deceased orange tabby, Pikachu, than launching the feline's ashes into orbit around Earth. In doing so, it would mark the first time a cremated cat has traveled to space. Munt has created a GoFundMe seeking donations for the launch, but has already paid down the required $5,000 to make it happen, according to Source

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