Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Bezos is like another Nimrod telling others not to trust in Divine Providence but trust in men.....

Jeff Bezos is hosting his super nerdy Mars conference again, complete with flying robots and a Blue Origin engine

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is hosting his annual Mars Conference this week in Palm Springs. It’s a super nerdy affair complete with flying robots and a Blue Origin engine. The conference is designed to be a showcase of sorts for the latest and quirkiest technology in the fields of machine learning, automation, robotics and space — hence the name, MARS. It’s an annual reminder of Bezos’ passion for cutting edge tech, as the founder races toward commercial space travel. You might remember last year’s conference, when Bezos made headlines for talking a walk with a robotic dog made by Boston Dynamics. The conference is so exclusive that press aren’t allowed in and tweets offer the only inside look. Source

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