Friday, December 21, 2018

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Retired National Guard Lt Col Norman Easy, 57, DIES On Flight From New York To Shanghai

Iraq War veteran and health care executive, 57, mysteriously dies on flight from New York to Shanghai - and his widow and four children still don't know what happened two weeks later

The family of an Iraq war veteran from Long Island are demanding answers, nearly two weeks after the man boarded a flight bound for China and mysteriously passed away before the plane landed in Shanghai. Retired National Guard Lt Col Norman Easy, 57, who for the last eight years had served as director of procurement at Siemens Health Diagnostics, traveled to Shanghai on December 7 to close what his family described as a 'ground-breaking' deal that had been more than a year in the making. The married father-of-four was set to arrive in Shanghai on the evening of December 8, but his wife, Nitxia, did not get a call from him telling her that he landed safely, which was unlike him and set off alarm bells. Source

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