Friday, August 10, 2018

SMOKE OF SATAN ON BOARD: People Were Fainting On Virgin Atlantic Flight VS1050 Due To The Unbearable Stench & Heat On The Plane

Parents and children 'collapse' on sweltering Virgin Atlantic plane before 'smoking' replacement lands in wrong COUNTRY 

The VS1050 flight from Orlando, in the United States, was supposed to land at London Gatwick at 8.10am but was diverted to Shannon in Ireland Holidaymakers have described a flight from hell after busted air con caused passengers to faint - and then their replacement plane was forced to land in the wrong country.  Families on board the Virgin Atlantic flight from Orlando to London Gatwick say they have been left feeling "stressed, nauseous and disorientated".   Travellers reportedly "collapsed" after sitting on the tarmac for two hours in sweltering conditions before staff cancelled the flight.  After an overnight stay in a nearby hotel, holidaymakers boarded a second plane - but three hours from London a "strong smell" of smoke filled the cabin.  Source

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