Sunday, June 3, 2018

Twilight Zone: American Airlines Pilot Hears Screams Coming From The Cargo Hold.......Finds No One In Cargo Hold!

ALERT American Airlines #AA2282 returned to Trinidad after a pilot heard screams from the cargo hold

An American Airlines Boeing 737-8MAX to Miami, Florida returned to Trinidad after one of the pilots allegedly heard screams coming from the aircraft’s cargo hold. About 30 mins after flight #AA2282 departed Piarco International Airport, pilots contacted ATC to alert someone being potentially stuck in their cargo hold. The Boeing 738 MAX 8 returned to Piarco International Airport. The pilot said that he heard “screams from the cargo hold.” The aircraft was de-planed and all cargo removed, and after a thorough inspection, security officials reported nothing out of the ordinary. Passengers were allowed to re-board, and the flight departed 2 hours later. Source

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