Thursday, May 3, 2018

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Passenger On LUCKY AIR Opens Plane’s Emergency Door And Deploys Evacuation Slide To Get ‘Fresh Air’ In China

Passenger opens plane’s emergency door and deploys evacuation slide to get ‘fresh air’ in China

A 25-five-year old Chinese man was arrested by police after opening the emergency door of a plane. The passenger told police he had been feeling hot and stuffy, and so decided to open the emergency door of the plane. The plane was waiting to take-off from Mianyang Nanjiao Airport, in Sichuan Province, when Super Brains decided to open a window.The young man claimed he had no idea the door was part of the emergency exit. Mr Chen has been detained for 15 days. Chinese low-budget carrier Lucky Air claimed it would seek compensation from the traveller. Source

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