Wednesday, May 23, 2018

EZCorp Pawn Shop DOOM! Gulfstream Jet Skidded Off Runway And BURST Into Flames!

Dramatic rescue of EZCorp pawn shop president after his Gulfstream jet skidded off the runway in Honduras and burst into flames injuring him and three other employees after flight from Texas 

The president of a Texas pawn shop empire had to be dramatically rescued from his private Gulfstream jet after it skidded off a dangerous runway in Honduras and burst into flames, splitting the aircraft in half. Joe Rotunda, the chief operating officer of Austin's EZCorp, had to be removed from the plane in a stretcher after the Tuesday crash at Toncontin International Airport, which miraculously had no fatalities. Rotunda, 71, was on board with three employees and two crew members. Everyone on board was hospitalized following the crash, according to the Honduran Civil Aviation Authority. Source

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