Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dalaman Airport DOOM! Flight Crew Throws A British Passenger To His Death For Not Having Ticket

He just fell......

ALERT A British passenger has died after falling from plane exit at Dalaman Airport in Turkey

A British traveller has died after falling from a plane door onto the runway of a Turkish airport. Staff at Dalaman Airport, in southwest Turkey, were trying to remove the 30-year-old from the flight when he fell from an exit. The 30-year-old man fell on the tarmac and was knocked unconscious. An ambulance took him to a nearby private hospital where he was found to have broken ribs. He died a short time later. The traveller had reportedly been stuck in the country for three days after he lost his ticket.After boarding a flight at around 3am, he is said to have become involved in an argument with cabin crew, the Hurriyet newspaper reported. The pilot then ordered him off the plane as a risk to flight safety. Source

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