Friday, March 16, 2018

ATHEIST Alaska Airlines Pilot Paul Engelien Drugged & Raped Co-Pilot Betty Pina

More DOOM for Airlines...

Alaska Airlines pilot accused of rape grounded as shocking details emerge, outcry grows

Alaska Airlines told Fox News that the male senior pilot accused of drugging and raping a female first officer on an overnight trip in June 2017 has been grounded, as new details emerge in Betty Pina’s lawsuit against the carrier and infuriated supporters call for a boycott of the airline. The pilot, identified in court documents and confirmed by the airline as Paul Engelien, “is not flying and was taken off the line immediately after learning of the incident,” company spokeswoman Ann Johnson told Fox News via email Thursday, adding, “It is our policy to withhold an employee from work during this type of investigation." While declining to comment on the investigation or lawsuit, Johnson said, "What we can say is that we are taking this matter seriously. The safety and well-being of our employees and guests is a top priority." To date, Pina still employed by and actively working for Alaska Airlines. Source

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