Friday, January 26, 2018

Space Fantasy #45: BigCityBeats Rave Party In Zero Gravity

Might happen....

Space, the final frontier -- for nightclubs

Bringing a new meaning to dancing on air, a nightclub operator is throwing a party in zero gravity, with top DJs playing in an aircraft used to train astronauts. The nightclub, billed as the first of its kind in conditions resembling space, will take off February 7 in Frankfurt with 20 clubbers representing all continents dancing, or at least floating, to the beats.The party, however, will be brief. The modified Airbus A310, which helps European astronauts adapt to weightlessness, will return to Frankfurt airport after 90 minutes, with only 25 minutes spent in zero gravity. The head of BigCityBeats, a Frankfurt company known for setting up nightclubs in unlikely places, said he pursued the idea because, well, it hadn't been done. "Since we are doing a lot of things which are unique, everybody was asking me -- when do you fly to the moon?" said Bernd Breiter, CEO of BigCityBeats. Source

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