Monday, January 22, 2018

Space Fantasy #44: Humans Will One Day Live In BALLOONS In The Stormy Skies Of Venus.....

No they won't....

Humans will one day live in BALLOONS in the stormy skies of Venus, claims entrepreneur behind the Mars One project

Humans could soon be living in floating balloons in the stormy skies above Venus and on one of Jupiter's moons, say the entrepreneur behind the Mars One project. The surface of Venus is far too hot for human survival, but its upper atmosphere is an ideal temperature for a human habitat. Europa is one of Jupiter's largest moons and is thought to have an ocean of water, also opening up the possibility for space-travelling humans making it their home Bas Lansdorp, founder of the Mars One project, is leading a mission that would send humans on a one-way flight to Mars by 2031. Source

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