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Did You Pray For The Destruction Of The Space Industry During Sunday Mass? Rocket debris from Chinese space launch crashes near houses

7 JANUARY 2018 (10:00 CST) dxv515 prays for the destruction of the Airline and Space Industries at the Consecration and Elevation of Host during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

Simple prayer: Please Lord do not let the men in the airline and aerospace industries prevail....May they acknowledge the boundaries that Lord had established.....

Then this happens......

This is the incredible moment debris from the launch of two Chinese satellites was spotted plunging to the Earth in a ball of flames.  In eyewitness video, a booster from a Long March 3B rocket appears to drop from the sky and explode in a residential area, creating a massive fireball.   The footage shows part of the launch rocket in flames light up the sky before a massive explosion appears on the horizon.  Soldiers rushed to the scene but there were no reports of casualties.  It comes hours after China sent twin satellites into space on a single carrier rocket as part of efforts to provide navigation and positioning services to more remote areas by the end of the year. Source

Reasons why all Catholics should pray for the destruction of God's enemies.....

I Pray For The Destruction Of The Space Industry During The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass & You Should Too!

Reasons taken from St Thomas...please refute if you can...


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