Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Alabama DOOM! Mysterious Loud BOOM Heard Across North Alabama; NASA Unsure Of Origin

(WBMA) -- Shortly after 1:40 p.m., a loud 'boom' was heard across North Alabama in Blount, Jefferson, Walker, Cullman, Talladega, Calhoun, Clay, Winston, Randolph, Tuscaloosa, and St. Clair counties. It's the sound everybody is talking about. So much so, Trey Cochran wrote a song about it: Alabamians flocked to Twitter, with many reporting the event shook their homes. Lincoln resident Dawn Stanton described it as "...a propane tank just exploding. I looked and I didn't see nothin' sailing through the air." The National Weather Service in Birmingham hypothesized the sound originated from an aircraft sonic boom or a meteorite from the Leonid shower. NASA's Bill Cooke says the origin of the mysterious boom still remains unclear but shut down the NWS' theory of a Leonid shower meteroite. Cooke says the sound could have been produced by a bolide, large supersonic aircraft or a ground explosion. Source

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