Saturday, September 30, 2017

BREAKING Air France #AF66 A380 Diverted To Goose Bay (YYR) Due To Disintegrated Engine #4 Cowling

Passengers' terror as Airbus plane engine DISINTEGRATES mid-air on flight from Paris to Los Angeles 

Passengers reacted with horror after the engine of an Air France plane from Paris to the USA disintegrated in the sky, forcing the aircraft into an emergency landing. Horrifying video footage shows part of the plane's engine flapping in the air as it flew over the Atlantic Ocean with 520 passengers on board. Travellers described how everything seemed normal until they heard a "loud thud and a lot of vibration" before the pilot declared a mayday this afternoon. Ground crews were left to "pick up pieces of the plane from the runway", one passenger added. Flight records show the Airbus A380 aircraft, travelling under flight number AF66, was diverted to Canada's Goose Bay airport on its journey from Paris to Los Angeles. Source

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