Thursday, May 25, 2017

Airline Industry Gone INSANE! Flight Attendants To Wear Special Emotion Reading Purple Goggles! LOL!

FLIGHT attendants may soon be able to read our emotions using augmented reality. Well, that’s what Air New Zealand is hoping for. In a collaboration with Dimension Data, the airline is exploring how the Microsoft HoloLens — augmented reality smart glasses — can enhance its in-flight customer service. In the concept video Air New Zealand unveiled during Techweek NZ, Air New Zealand’s general manager of cabin crew, Leeanne Langridge, said it will help flight attendants customise their service to each passenger. “This technology could allow us to anticipate our customers’ needs and then tailor our service so that from the moment they step on board, we are giving them exactly what they need to feel safe, comfortable, and taken care of,” she explained in the video. Essentially, Air New Zealand wants its flight attendants to be able to answer your questions before you even know to ask them. Source

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