Saturday, April 29, 2017

Black Man Kima Hamilton Refused To Obey Whitey & Had To Take A Piss On Delta Flight & Got Kicked Off

A Milwaukee man was the center of another airplane altercation last week in Atlanta after a bathroom break got him kicked off his flight. The entire aircraft was emptied and all passengers, except Kima Hamilton, were allowed to re-board. He was left to find another way home. "It all escalated so fast," Hamilton said. Hamilton was kicked off the flight after using the bathroom while the plane was stalled on the tarmac. Hamilton is an art teacher at Craig Montessori, and volunteers with local kids and teens. He says he just wanted to get back to Milwaukee in time for a school field trip. He never imagined that using the airplane's bathroom—while they were delayed on the tarmac waiting to take off—would cause him to get kicked off. Source

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