Thursday, December 29, 2016

'Bad News... Putin Wasn't On Board'

Russia has accused Charlie Hebdo of 'mocking' the Black Sea plane crash after publishing 'inhuman' cartoons about the disaster. In one reference to the crash, which claimed 92 lives, the French magazine depicted a jet hurtling downwards along with words translated as: 'Bad news... Putin wasn't on board'. Some 68 members of the Alexandrov music and dance ensemble perished when the military aircraft crashed into the Black Sea on Christmas Day. The satirical magazine also published a cartoon showing a choir member from the ensemble making a wailing sound 'aaaaaa'. One caption reads: 'The repertoire of the army choir is expanding.' It comes as Russian authorities investigating the crash said there was no explosion on board - but that they had not ruled out a 'terrorist act' as the cause. Daily Mail>>>>>>>

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