Monday, March 7, 2016

They're Just Now Telling Us This? Suicidal Muslim Pilot Threatened To Crash Plane With 200 People On Board After His Wife Told Him She Is Leaving Him!

A pilot threatened to crash his passenger jet with 200 people on board if his wife left him – but was stopped by police just minutes before take-off, it has emerged. The Italian father was intercepted by officers at Fiumicino airport after his wife warned police he was planning to kill himself. He was about to take control of a Rome to Japan flight but was substituted at the 11th hour, with passengers left unaware of the switch. The incident, which has only now been revealed, happened in January, two months before Andreas Lubitz killed 149 people when he deliberately crashed his Germanwings jet while suffering mental health problems. The Italian pilot, who is in his 40s but has not been identified, was already known to police after his wife reported him for mistreatment, it was reported by The Times which cited local media. He threatened to take his own life when his wife initially said she was leaving him. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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