Saturday, March 26, 2016

Terror Incident? Muslim Co-pilot For American Airlines Arrested At Detroit Metropolitan Airport In Front Of Passengers: The 6.59am Flight 736 To Philadelphia On Saturday Was Cancelled

"We are accommodating our customers on other flights. Safety is our highest priority and we apologize to our customers for the disruption to their travel plans. We are assisting local law enforcement. Further questions should be referred to them." AA
Drunk? Well Lent is officially over. However, Muslims don't observe Lent

The media says that the Muslim pilot was drunk:
'Drunk' American Airlines pilot is arrested in front of stunned passengers at Detroit airport after failing TWO breathalyzer tests 
An American Airlines co-pilot was arrested for allegedly turning up at Detroit Metropolitan Airport drunk, authorities said. The pilot, whose name has not been released, failed two breathalyzer tests and was detained by the police department in Romulus, Michigan, airport spokesman Michael Conway told WXYZ. The 6.59am flight to Philadelphia on Saturday was cancelled, leaving several college students on spring break stranded. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>
The media lies.

More information on the co-pilot will be forth coming....

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