Saturday, September 5, 2015

Muslim Illegal Immigrant Intruder Is Arrested On EasyJet Flight #U28703 From Gatwick To Tenerif

An intruder got onto an easyJet flight at Gatwick with no passport or boarding pass before the departure gate had opened.

Police were called when a 51 year old woman boarded the plane to Tenerife just after 7am without a ticket or ID.

The german national was arrested on suspicion of entering a security restricted area without permission.

Flight was delayed or about an hour while passengers were rescreened.

Flight EZY8703 was operated by Titan Airways 757 G-ZAPX. Titan has been operating the flight for a few days now on lease to easyJet The 757 operates the morning flight to Tenerife and evening flight to Alicante.

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