Thursday, September 10, 2015

Elon Musk Off The Rails Crazy.....Drop Nuclear Bombs On Mars To Make Mars Livable!!

Musk has bizarre ideas

Here is one of them:

After World War Two and the Cold War, mankind is wary of the destructive power of the nuclear bomb. But one of the world’s best-known entrepreneurs believes the technology could be used to make Mars more hospitable. Elon Musk has hypothesised Mars could be heated up quickly by dropping nuclear weapons over its poles and said he would like to visit the red planet one day. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO agrees that Mars would be an inhospitable place to call home in its current state. Mars’ atmosphere is 96 per cent carbon dioxide and less than one per cent oxygen, meaning any human who steps foot on the planet will have to wear a suit at all times. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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