Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trigana Air Flight #IL267 #GN267 Crashed In The Mountains Of Papua New Guinea - All On Broad Feared Dead....

Contact was lost with an Indonesian aircraft with 54 people on board near Papua New Guinea, at about 6 am GMT, Indonesia's state search and rescue agency has tweeted. "We are not sure what happened to the plane yet and we are coordinating with local authorities," rescue agency chief Bambang Soelystyo told AFP. "The weather is currently very bad there, it's very dark and cloudy. It's not conducive for a search. The area is mountainous," he added. An anonymous source in a provincial air carrier, cited by RIA Novosti news agency, claims the plane has crashed into a mountain, killing everyone on board. There has been no confirmation of this report so far. RT Read More>>>>>>

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