Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#MH370 FOUND! Reunion Island!

BREAKING Piece of wing found on La Réunion Island, is that could be flap of #MH370 ? 

UPDATE 17:30UTC Experts: debris found on Reunion Island show 'incredible similarities with Beoing 777 The debris of a wing plane was found this morning on west coast of La Réunion (French Island). 

The presence of many shells, investigators confirm that the debris remained a while in the water. 

An investigation was opened to determine the origin of the flight track. No track is currently preferred . Three hypotheses are nevertheless mentioned: A debris from the crash of a twin-engine occurred May 4, 2006 close to the southern coast of the island. A fragment of the flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines reported missing in the Indian Ocean in March 2014. A piece of the A310 of Yemenia crashed off the Comoros in June 2009.>>>>>

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