Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Space Fantasy #10 Asian Woman Who Dyes Her Hair Blonde And Calls Herself British Maggie Lieu Wanted To Give Birth To Space Alien But Pulls Out Of MARS Mission

A British Asian woman who previously said she wanted to give birth to the first alien baby has pulled out of a one-way mission to Mars. Maggie Lieu, 24, an astrophysics PhD student, was one of five Britons shortlisted for the Mars One mission, which aims to send people to live – and die – on the red planet. More than 200,000 people applied to leave Earth in 2024 and 100 prospective astronauts were shortlisted for the ambitious £3.5billion mission.Ms Lieu, who studies at the University of Birmingham, announced her withdrawal from the mission on Twitter – but has not revealed the reasons behind her decision. She wrote: ‘You should probably know that I have made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Mars One program. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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