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Muslim Convert Co-Pilot Andreas Günter Lubitz Committed Jihad By DELIBERATELY Slamming The Plane Into The Mountain! Murdering All On Board

Muslim Convert Co-Pilot Andreas Günter Lubitz Committed Jihad

Finally the names are released:
  • The Pilot is Patrick Sonderheimer
  • The Co-Pilot is Andreas Günter Lubitz
The Co-Pilot committed suicide.
  • Andreas Guenter Lubitz lives in Rheinland Pfalz, Germany.
  • Andreas Guenter obtained a third class medical designation in 06/2010; the designation expires in 06/2015.
Certifications and Ratings:

Student Pilot
Private Pilot Foreign Based

Private Pilot (Foreign Based) - Airplane Single Engine Land
Private Pilot (Foreign Based) - Glider

Lubitz had undertaken 630 hours of flight time in an A320

The incident:

French Prosecutor said that "the commander left the cockpit, presumably to go to the lavatory, and then was unable to regain access. In the meantime, he said, co-pilot Andreas Lubitz manually and "intentionally" set the plane on the descent that drove it into the mountainside in the southern French Alps. It was the co-pilot's "intention to destroy this plane,"  Yahoo  

The state of mind according to those who know Lubitz:

In the German town of Montabaur, acquaintances said Lubitz was in his late twenties and showed no signs of depression when they saw him last fall as he renewed his glider pilot's license.

"He was happy he had the job with Germanwings and he was doing well," said a member of the glider club, Peter Ruecker, who watched him learn to fly. "He gave off a good feeling." Yahoo 

His Parent's house in Montabaur:

It was said that Lubitz had a Muslim girlfriend. It is unclear if she was still dating Lubitz at the time of the crash. It is unclear if he met the woman through his Muslims friends.

One said that Lubitz had broken off the relationship after he pledged to commit Jihad for Allah.

We do know that Lubitz trained at the Lufthansa Flight Training School in Bremen, Germany.

Bremen is home to the Mosque Masjidu-l-Furqan Mosque:

This Mosque was raided by the police in December 2014

BERLIN, Dec 5 (KUNA) — German authorities have closed a mosque in the northern city of Bremen, after it was accused of encouraging youth to join the extremist Islamic State group (known as ISIL), which is carrying out violent killings across Syria and Iraq.

In unprecedented circumstances, more than 100 German police personnel carried out a search of Masjidu-l-Furqan and its accompanying cultural office, which had both been under police radar since 2007.

The decision comes amid the fight against ISIL ideology, Bremen Interior Secretary Ulrich Maurer said, accusing the mosque’s management of promoting ISIL values and encouraging young Muslims in the city to travel to Syria and Iraq, and join the ranks of the group, along with Al-Nusra Front – another extremist group in Syria.

The centre have so far succeeded in inspiring a total eight men, seven women and 11 juveniles to travel to Syria and join ISIL, according to the official. Lubitz did his time in Bremen when the Mosque was under surveillance.

During his training Lubitz took a break - a several month break:

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Germanwings parent company, said in a press conference today that Lubitz took a break in his training six years ago. Then he did the tests (technical and psychological) again. And he was deemed 100 percent fit to fly. I am not able to state the reasons why he took the break for several months

I can because Lubitz converted to Islam during his break.

Reason that pushed Lubitz over the edge? The raid on the Mosque in Breman  this past December?

The Police say they found a significant discovery in his home - not a suicide note:

Police investigating the Germanwings crash said they had made a 'significant discovery' at the home of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who deliberately ploughed the Airbus A320 into the French Alps. Officers refused to reveal details of the potential breakthrough but said it was not a suicide note. Speaking outside the flat on the outskirts of Dusseldorf, police said they had 'found something' that would now be taken for tests, adding it may be a 'clue' as to what happened to the doomed jet. Daily Mail Read More>>> 

Is the significant discovery something Islamic? Something on his computer? A Koran? Muslim prayer rug?

Here are pics of the cops removing computers:

Police Evidence 
Lubitz's Computer

Like Anders Berhring Breivik maybe Lubitz left his manifesto on his computer detailing his reason for murdering 150 souls including himself.

Police Evidence 
Lubitz's Computer
Another flight simulator?

Three boxes were also taken as evidence.

Person covered by blanket escorted by police to hide identity. Who would still be in the house?


If evidence points to Lubitz's conversion to Islam, the next thing would be raids on the Mosques he attended.

There are several Mosques near the Co-pilot's home. Which one did he attend? Which Mosque helped Lubitz plan his murderous act?

Tahir Mosque
Koblenz Germany

Take your pick there are plenty of Mosques in the area to chose from:

As a youth, Andreas became a member of the club, he wanted to see his dream of flying fulfilled. He started as a gliding student and managed to become a pilot of the Airbus A320. He succeeded in fulfilling his dream, a dream that he paid for with his life. The members of LSC Westerwald are grieving for Andreas and all the other 149 victims of the catastrophe of March 24, 2015. Our deepest condolences to the relatives. We will not forget Andreas. LSC Westerwald flight club Montabaur, Germany


  1. The guy was a friendly man, he was a quiet man, had a career, a family, but he was a muslim, when will people realize muslims just like this asshole will one day all declare jihad and take out as many innocent people as they can. Back in the religious cult days of the 1970's we had a few people who were brainwashed and did some stupid things, Jim jones followers drank his poisen, but clearly these days its worse, we have thousands of muslims who are brainwashed into thinking that killing people who arent muslim gets them to paradise, when will people realize that these people are dangerous.? when will people finally call islam what it really is, an evil vicious homicidal religious cult.

    1. "but he was a muslim" - the correct version of this sentence is "but: was he a muslim, ?"

    2. sure you want to mix sanity into this idiocy ?

  2. Why didn't he change his name when he converted, he is not a muslim

    1. There is no requirement that you change your name when you convert to Islam. So this pilot could very well be a Muslim.

    2. I think you need to chevk out the jewish talmud

    3. If he had changed his name, that would have drawn unwanted attention, so that, along with his "depression", may have been good reason to ground him from flying..

    4. Dunno, does Keith Ellison sound like a Muslim name to you?

  3. What is it in Islam, that makes people murder others, and not only themselves?

    1. they are "programmed" that martyrdom for allah is the most honorable way to die, especially if you take as many "kuffar" with them as possible.


    3. Islam is the only religion that if you kill you go to heaven.

    4. Read Rev. 9 The passage is a fitting description of Islam. The locusts are native to Arabia. Mohammed said the words, "Do not harm any green thing." His warriors wore long hair and gold turbans. Their leader is Appolyon or Abbadon, i.e the devil.

    5. What motivates them? Surah 9 ( )

  4. The religion of peace dot com.. look at the daily death numbers for decades below.. its due to 'sword verses' which Bible and Hebrew Bible lack entirely thus they're relatively peaceful religions outside of their nationalist militaries that often give the religion a bad name in modern times.

    There's no Christian or Jewish doctrine that says its ok to kill, but Islam commands its converts and natives to kill in 100 cases or more. Its sick.

  5. Video: Nice Muslims coming out of the closet to take your sinful FREEDOMS away:

    1. good example squire -- crazy cuz that is obviously just normalcy not staged

    2. Wouldn't be surprised if Andreas is in that group.. there's plenty of white and jewish loners that find brotherhood in all the wrong places

  6. No news media us reporting any Muslim connection so this information must be wrong.

    1. Surely you do not believe in the probity of our news media to this extent? You must be being sarcastic here...

  7. Where is your proof he convert to Muslim? Easy to defame a dead man!

    1. Converting to Islam is, if true, a fact and not an insult. I am guessing the media is checking all facts in case the wrong information inflames an already volatile mob mind.

  8. News media are slow at reporting such accusations, will need undisputed facts before they tell the public the truth. In many instances the public can find facts and publicize without fearing backlash, lawsuits....considering your profession I would think you know this. Many times the news mislead the public. I would say, it is way to early for the news to report this lunatic murderer's activities during his absence...

    1. Being a muslim is certainly an "accusation", and a seripus one as well, given their track record...

    2. They will still "allude" to such........I am the first to run with these stories but this one i am not confident is correct. There is a report that he bought 2 Audis just 3 days before he died. One for his girlfriend and one for him. THAT points to Manic Depression and being in the MANIC state before he did this----by which time he was in the Depressive state whch when manic depressed we that arent cant even being to rationalize....Further reports suggest he was about to take a test and his illnesss IF discovered would have had his career as a pilot over so there is speculation that he had stopped taking his meds, in order that they would be out of his bloodstream when tested...I personally believe that might be the more accurate story


  10. i think all this talk about fundamentalist extremists are geared towards more government militarization worldwide and eventual global imperialist movement

  11. Done with dealing with the pedophile cult of islam. The world should give no remorse for the eradication of the terrorist islamic cult from the entire planet... they constantly tell the world they are going to kill anybody that is not islamic... after the millions that have been butchered for the syphilis infected thief, murderer, liar, rapist and pedophile pervert of islam.. Muhammad ( known to the world as a pig fuked pig fukker ... the reason for the 'ham' in his cult name ) THEY SHOULD BELIEVE THEY ARE GOING TO MURDER YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

  12. We'll probably never get all the facts from msm. Maybe he was depressed and Muslim---a lethal combo.

    Didn't think depression normally turned one into a psycho homicidal maniac.

  13. I see that the wingnuts are out in force already. Get a grip people!!! There is no evidence to support any of the nonsense posted in this blog - click bait and fear mongering of the highest order. The true enemy of America is ignorant sensationalism and handwringing over speculation and lies. Feel engaged? Feel like you are part of the story? Feel the outrage!? Perspective - use it or lose it. Critical thinking - naw, too boring? Utterly ridiculous rubbish.

  14. There are still plenty of people who believe our flight to the moon and the moon landing were all theater and never happened. How many people go for all the alternate explanations of 911? Many think it just couldn't have been the Muslims. Well, sorry it was and denying it only serves their interests. The Internet lets every whack job denier spin some alternate claims to reality. No, they say, it can't be the obvious thing we all see, such as Muslims. No, it's the government. Well, I think such deniers are as big of a threat as the Muslims are. The reality is that there is almost no difference between moderate Islam and radical Islam and they are on a murderous course to become the only power on earth.

  15. There are pics of him with two totally different noses, he obviously had a nose job last some point.

  16. @paw possum the only power on earth are the ones that own all the gold.
    including stolen gold and riches from poor sovereign nations that i myself
    have been denied of as a noble blood.
    the elitist organizations are all well connected and religion have no part in
    their association. look at the us and saudi arabia or the uk and qatar.

  17. if u want to understand islam read the life of mohammed he was a psychopath and megalomaniac
    islam's plan for australia has been uncovered
    Watch this video to learn the history of islam and way this religion should be banned by any sane government

  18. Simon shields, U are stupid as u kan be .U need to understand ur own fucking religion first before trying to explain th life of th profet Mohammed ( swsl)

  19. If Andreas was a friendly man He wudnt kill no mather what relegion he has.
    A symply crazy German killer . And we now a lot about this subject. Dont be surprised . I am not. R.i.p

  20. There is no evidence Lubitz was muslim. It is just pure speculation.

  21. We should be careful not to yell out "Muslim" merely whenever something eventuated. there are the so called peaceful Mecca Muslims and the (Jihad) Medina Muslims. Catholics and Protestants (Martin Luther) are Christians but have different philosophies. Having conducted a lifeline service (MAY JUSTICE ALWAYS PREVAIL®, since 1982) dealing with people contemplating suicide/mass murder I am too aware that when a person contemplate suicide the person may grab anything to suit his/her purpose. and mass murder is a way to attract attention rather then engaging in a lonely death that most people will not even notice. Considering that In Australia the death rate is far more then the road deaths then one may ask why do the government ignore the reasons of people committing suicide/murder/mass murder? If you can reduce the number of people contemplating suicide than you may by this also reduce the number of people involved in mass murder. While ISIS/ISIL may lay claim to any mass murder event reality is that it may not be so at all. People of all religions and non religions commit suicide. It is now easy to use ISIS/ISIL as an excuse to make a last grandstanding. I do support that the closure of mosques is essential if evidence proves that they are used for purposes other then personal enlighten of a religion. As such, mosques used to promote violence and aggressiveness as like any other religious building should be permanently shut down. We have to placed the onus upon those attending to a mosque that they will take immediate action against anyone who seek to use the mosque for jihad or other violence promotion, as to secure the continued availability of the mosque for themselves.
    We must not blame people merely because they are Muslims, because we would only create more problems.
    Whatever the co-pilot did or didn't do is still much of speculation, as while the sound recording may give some indications of what eventuated on the other hand the silence of the co pilot is deafening that you cannot merely assume anything but need to wait for the black box holding the technical data. We have the victims families and friends already suffering considerably and we would do better to await proper investigations to be completed before casting our voices as to what the co pilot may or may not have done. Consider that if in the end it had nothing to do with Islamic religion but ISIS/ISIL may claim this as for propaganda, and the co pilot may have been in a trance of an illusion such as certain medication and simply didn't even realise that he was about to kill himself and others, then we would do a great misdeed to the co pilot and his family also.
    ample of people who are using substances (including medication) can by this become remote from their own doing. As there are as I understand it pilots which in a flight simulator deliberately fly the plane into mountains as a way to stop the program, then how do we know if this co-pilot did likewise not mentally alert he was actually flying a real plane? What the aviation industry should stop is the flight simulators used for such stupid kind of stopping a program and make clear that pilots must follow proper protocols in flight simulators or loose their licence to fly. As such the airline companies who used their flight simulators better drastically upgrade their usage and training and not permit deliberate crashing of a plane in any circumstances, as to avoid a person to mimic the same in real life. In the end try to understand and address (for so far this is possible) the reasons why people may attempt to commit suicide and we may all be better of.

  22. I believe he was a MANIC DEPRESSED person off of his meds and that explanation makes more sense than this one of Islam.

    I am the first to run with these stories but this one i am not confident is correct. There is a report that he bought 2 Audis just 3 days before he died. One for his girlfriend and one for him. THAT points to Manic Depression and being in the MANIC state before he did this----by which time he was in the Depressive state whch when manic depressed we that arent cant even being to rationalize....Further reports suggest he was about to take a test and his illnesss IF discovered would have had his career as a pilot over so there is speculation that he had stopped taking his meds, in order that they would be out of his bloodstream when tested...I personally believe that might be the more accurate story

    1. OK a manic depressive. His girlfriend Maria W said that in 2014 he told her (in veiled language) that he was planning this attack. Can a Manic Depressive plan an attack for years?

      Another question that need answered that everyone ignores - what long term affects does air travel have on the sate of mind? I ask this based only on the Catholic Doctrine of the boundary established by God that men must not pass over and that is the 15 cubits above the mountain tops or 29,050 ft.

      The point of this blog is to bring to attention this set boundary that everyone seems out of ignorance to ignore. Since this 29,050 established boundary has been violated by modern man these last 70 years or so - I would think that God would punish men forthe violation - punish one way or another.

      Also too it is Catholic dogma that the demons inhabit the upper atmosphere above this established boundary or 15 cubits above the mountain tops.As St. Thomas Aquinas has said the demons of the air greatly tempt men to self destruction and I would think if men invade the demons habitat that the demons would be more willing or make it easier to tempt men to self destruction.

      All of this is from a religious perspective which I don't expect anyone to comprehend just yet - so what I do say is that many more incidents like this disaster will occur on a regular basis - to wake me up to their mistake of transgression the established boundary of 29,050 that they should not pass over.

      So far since this blog has started I have been on track. I don't expect you to believe me but I do know that many will eventually come to the same conclusion that men violated the set boundary and the habitation of demons and we are punished for it.

  23. It was said he had a muslim girlfriend. He studied in Bremen. There was a mosque in Bremen . So he was a muslim too. What a "logic" conclusion ? Your IQ level is very "high" , dude


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