Sunday, July 6, 2014

Woman Dies On Air New Zealand Flight NZ2 On 4th Of July

An Air New Zealand plane that landed in Los Angeles was grounded with all passengers on board for several hours while waiting for a coroner to collect the body of a woman who died midair. The middle-aged woman, on holiday with her husband, collapsed during the NZ2 flight, which departed Auckland on July 4 - America's Independence Day public holiday - and landed the same day, according to a fellow passenger. Crew and a female paramedic, also a passenger on board, worked on her for about an hour and a half in a desperate attempt to save her life. ''By the time we landed I think there was little more that could be done.'' The Kiwi eyewitness, who declined to be named, said the plane was grounded on the tarmac with passengers on board for about two hours while the crew waited for the coroner's van to arrive to collect the woman's body, which had to remain on the plane until then. It was understood the coroner's delayed arrival was due to the public holiday. An Air New Zealand spokeswoman confirmed a passenger died on board the NZ2 flight on July 4. Stuff

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