Sunday, July 6, 2014

Singapore Airlines 777 & Delta Air Lines A320 Almost Collide At The Bush Intercontinental Airport In Houston

Two airplanes narrowly averted a midair crash near the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston this week in what was the second such incident in as many months. A Singapore Airlines jumbo 777 flew within 200 feet vertically and about a half-mile horizontally - about eight football fields - of a Delta Air Lines A320 just before 7pm on Thursday. Air traffic controllers caught the error and corrected the airplanes courses before they got any closer. The incident took place about 10 miles northeast of the airport. The Federal Aviation Administration, which requires aircraft to remain separated at least a half-mile vertically and three miles horizontally, is investigating the incident, the Houston Chronicle reported. 'An air traffic controller noticed the deviation and issued traffic alerts and instructions to the pilots of both aircraft,' Lynn Lunsford of the FAA said on Saturday. 'The FAA is still determining the closest proximity between the two flights Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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