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Another TEST Flight For Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Reaching Altitude Of 71,000 FEET!

71,000 Feet! Higher than the smoke from pagan sacrifices! Higher than the flood waters of the deluge! Higher than than the tower of babel! There is a boundary established by God that man must not pass over and that is 29,050 ft or 15 cubits above the mountain tops. Why? Because all man made works both holy and profane have to burn up in the fire of the fire conflagration at the end of days. Now in order for all the works of men to burn up in this fire - all the works of men must be at or below 15 cubits above the mountain tops. Why? Because the fire of the final conflagration will rise up out of the bowels of the earth to reach a height no greater than the 29,050 foot boundary established by God. Why? Because the fire obeys the will of God. This fire is a creation of God and will do what God commands. Now in order for the fire of the final conflagration to obey the will of God at the end of days - this fire will burn up ll the works of men that are at or belo

Modern Science Confirms St Thomas Aquinas' Opinion That Our Atmosphere Is The Demons' Place Of Punishment! GPS Satellites Suggest A Halo Of Dark Matter Is Surrounding Our Planet

Modern Science Discovers Dark And Strange Halo Orbiting The Earth First the modern day finding that there is dark matter surrounding this world: Ever since scientists have theorised that dark matter exists, concrete evidence of the elusive substance has continued to confound them. Now, data from a number of GPS satellites suggest that a halo of the strange matter may be surrounding Earth, causing our planet to be heavier than first believed. From his calculations, Professor Ben Harris from Texas University claims this halo could affect the Earth's gravity and that the planet could be 0.005 and 0.008 per cent heavier than the mass established by the International Astronomical Union. This would be the equivalent of a disc of dark matter around the equator which is 191km (120 miles) thick and 70,000 km (43,000 miles) across. Daily Mail Read More>>>> Now for St. Thomas Aquinas: Article 4. Whether our atmosphere is the demons' place of punishment? Objecti

National Geographic Channel To Broadcast Live From The International Space Station (ISS)

ISS Another space adventure is announced and of course it is to take place in the future as all promised space endeavours do.  It's always in the future, it's never now. It's all hype. None of these space pipe dreams see the light of day. So it is best to keep track of all these promised space pipe dreams. We all are still waiting for the promised space travel for everyone and the promised colonization of the moon or mars or what have you. None of  it has become reality. Most space pipe dreams will not be realized 'cept on the big screen. So now the National Geographic Channel is to film a special from the ISS: National Geographic Channel has set Live From Space, a two-hour television event to be broadcast live from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston this March, coinciding with Seth MacFarlane’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a Fox/Nat Geo reboot of the groundbreaking 1980s Carl Sagan series. The announcement comes on the heels

SpaceX Launch Of Thaicom-6 On Falcon 9v1.1 Rocket From Cape!

SMALL CATECHISM  explaining why all man-made space works will one day return to earth to burn up in the fire of the final conflagration: All man made space debris are coming back to earth to burn up in the fire of the final conflagration. Why would space debris come back to earth?   Because according to St Thomas Aquinas all the works of men - both holy and profane have to burn up in the fire of the final conflagration at the end of days - this is Roman Catholic doctrine.  Space debris are no exception - it's all coming back What is the fire of the final conflagration?  It is the fire that will cleanse the world of all the work of men, both holy and profane. Where is the fire of the final conflagration right now?  It is in the bowels of the earth - it is the same fire that torments those souls in the pit of hell and it is the same fire that purifies the poor souls in purgatory. Why do all space debris have to come back to earth in order to burn up in the f

Take A Balloon Ride 19 Miles Above The Earth! Higher Than The Tower Of Babel!

Travel is what inspires me to dream. Travel is not a luxury. It is a necessity — one that is no longer confined to the boundaries of Earth. – Philippe Bourguignon World View Advisor, Vice Chairman of Revolution Places LLC, CEO of Exclusive Resorts, and former Chairman and CEO of Euro Disney. Would you pay for a trip that would take you 19 miles above the earth - to the edge of space? Would you like to go higher than the height of the tower of Babel? Remember the boundary established by the Blessed Trinity is 15 cubits above the mountain tops or about 29,050 feet or about 5 miles. This 29,050 foot boundary is the same level that the smoke from pagan sacrificed reached and it is the same level that the waters of the deluge reached in the time of Noah, the waters of the deluge cleansed all the works of men. This 29,050 level is the same that the  tower of Babel reached. As you know the tower of Babel fell - or better yet - God's hand pushed it over. God allowed the evil

Beyonce Versus NASA - Will Godless NASA Ever Apologize When Shit Finally Hits The Fan & All The Orbiting Space Debris Comes Raining Down Upon Our Heads?

" Flight Controllers Here Looking Very Carefully At The Situation.  Obviously A Major Malfunction," First the sample. Then the outrage: "We were disappointed to learn that an audio clip from the day we lost our heroic Challenger crew was used in the song 'XO.’ The moment included in this song is an emotionally difficult one for the Challenger families, colleagues and friends. We have always chosen to focus not on how our loved ones were lost, but rather on how they lived and how their legacy lives on today.” June Scobee Rodgers, widow of Challenger space shuttle commander Dick Scobee "This choice of historic and solemn audio is inappropriate in the extreme. The choice is little different than taking Walter Cronkite’s words to viewers announcing the death of President Kennedy or 911 calls from the World Trade Center attack and using them for shock value in a pop tune.” Keith Cowing Then the apology: "My heart goes out to the families of th

NASA Alarmed At All The Disused Rockets & Abandoned Satellites Orbiting The Earth: According St Thomas Aquinas All Of It Is Coming Down!

The amount of space junk orbiting Earth has reached a tipping point. According to Nasa, this junk – which can include anything from old rockets, abandoned satellites to missile shrapnel - will soon make it difficult for spacecraft to leave the planet. A German photographer, Michael Najjar, has created the below image to show just how serious a problem space debris has become. There are currently around 22,000 objects in orbit that are big enough for officials on the ground to track and countless more smaller ones that could do damage to human-carrying spaceships and valuable satellites. Based on a data archive, each miniature sphere in the image represents an existing object orbiting in space. Overall, it is estimated that there are as many as 370,000 pieces of space junk floating in Earth's orbit, travelling at speeds of up to 22,000 mph. civilisation has littered the area just above Earth's atmosphere with leftover boosters and other parts that come off during laun